We are fortunate to have two local companies with a direct shipping lane to Poland and the Ukraine border via Antwerp through our Wilmington Port. Moto Leader Global & CIL Capital are taking desperately needed donations to Ukrainian refugees & those staying behind to defend their country!

The Village Chapel Outreach team is asking our islanders to join in this community effort! Check out the list of needed supplies below.

Please have your donations IN A BOX OR IN A BAG to the BARGE LANDING DOCK precisely at 12:15 on THURSDAY, MARCH 24th for loading! Join in this meaningful time for islanders to come together at this crucial time in our world as we send off our tokens of support!

If you are OFF-ISLAND and want to donate, use this Amazon link:

May your generosity make a difference in the lives of those fleeing & those staying behind to fight for the country of Ukraine.

 Items most needed
(in new or nearly new condition)

Food and Refugee Supplies

Energy bars, ready-to-eat meals, instant food, canned food, canned tuna and meats, energy drinks, packaged tea/coffee, fast-cooking noodles, baby formula, baby food, diapers, wipes, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste, children’s Tylenol, feminine hygiene products, sleeping bags, linens, crayons, small toys, winter clothing, trash bags.

Medical Supplies

First Aid kits, bandages (small and large), elastic bandages, pain medication, hemostatic bandages, gauze/compresses, antibiotic ointments, disinfectants, anti-inflammatory medications, hydrogel, 5ml syringes, medical gloves, thermometers, scissors for cutting clothes, tourniquets, clamps, anti-bleeding gels/sticks, nasopharyngeal tubes, oropharyngeal tubes.

Soldier Supplies

Underwear, thermal underwear (L/XL), cotton socks, stocking caps, winter clothing, balaclavas, gaiters, military boots, inserts for shoes, blankets, headlamps with red lights, batteries,